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How to Use Font Awesome on a WordPress Website

A great icon can spice up a boring webpage and add visual cues as to what your content is about. Here’s how to use Font Awesome on a WordPress website.

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5 Pro Tips on Website Redesign Strategies

Creating a great website involves more than color and stand out call-to-action (CTA) buttons. By applying some proven tips on website redesign strategies, you can make sure your website makes that lasting good impression on new visitors.

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4 Ways Website Psychology Impacts Your Audience

Even if you have all the basic components of a good website, you will lose customers if you don’t understand how website psychology impacts your audience. Read on for four important website building tips that will boost your conversion rate.

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6 Essential Questions for Your Website Redesign Strategy

Before you get started on a web design upgrade, it’s best to go over some essential questions for your website redesign strategy. These questions will help you pinpoint any problems you’re having and help you create a site that’s both efficient and proactive.

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Why You Should Optimize for Alternative Search Engines (They Aren’t Like Alternative Facts)

When it comes to SEO, everyone has one search engine in mind: Google. Although Google dominates the market, there are several reasons why you should optimize for alternative search engines.

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What to Know about Website Redesign in 2018

Technology seems to change at the speed of light every year, and that translates to a very short lifespan for our websites. Here’s what to know about website redesign in 2018.

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