Brand Development

Develop Your Brand’s Unique Style & Personality 

What’s in a brand?

When you think about a “brand,” you might think of a logo, icon, or business name. But your brand is also the unique personality of your organization, the tone of your writing, and the words you use to describe yourself.

Establishing guidelines for your brand is important because it helps control your message, even when it’s out of your hands. This is useful both within your company — for example, making sure your new intern posts something appropriate to your Facebook page — as well as outside of your company. Guiding what other people say about your brand is definitely harder to control, but being consistent about the way you talk about yourself does help shape what other people say about you and your brand.

Okay, so what’s in a branding guide?

A branding guide is a “living document” that describes the look, feel and tone of your brand. It will include guidelines for how your brand is portrayed so that everyone is on board and on the same page.

Logo & Variations

The first section of a branding guide is comprised of your main visual graphic assets. This includes the primary and alternate logo formats and color variations, as well as graphic elements, such as icons and decorative graphics used to represent your business.

Fonts & Colors

Using consistent fonts and colors throughout your website and marketing materials is an important part of establishing a cohesive look for your company. A brand guide will include a list of your primary fonts and colors for easy reference when creating something new.

Tone & Personality

What’s the tone and personality of your brand? Are you fun and sassy, or serious and sympathetic? Honing in on the tone of your brand, and then documenting your branding words, personality, and goals of your messaging, is an important piece of your branding guide.

Get Started

Our branding services here at Technology Aloha are most often an add-on to our other design services, to ensure that the design work we do is consistent with the overall look and goals of your organization. In fact, we recommend a branding guide for all our social media management clients!

We also offer stand-alone branding assistance if that’s something you need support with. We love helping small businesses and nonprofits develop a beautiful and consistent brand that effectively tells their story and sells their product or mission.

Want to see some examples of our work?

Our online portfolio features lots of our recent client success stories. Check out some of the fun Branding projects we’ve been working on lately to see examples of our work!

Both Hana and Jillyn were great to work with! They were very patient in explaining what they do and how they do it so that we could better understand the process. They gave us exactly what we asked for and any edits were done promptly.

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We love helping businesses build a cohesive online presence that shows off their brand and what makes them special! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.