Answer these Simple Logo Design Questions to Nail your Branding

November 30, 2021

Originally published on November 12th, 2019. Updated for November 30th, 2021.

When it comes to building your brand, there are many things to consider. One of the most important aspects is your logo design. Your logo is a key component that makes your brand recognizable. It is what also gives a lasting impression. The look and elements you choose in your branding are heavily based on psychology. Just answer these simple logo design questions to begin with! Then you will start to gain the attention of your target audience.

The main problem you may have is where to start. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to start moving in the right direction.

simple logo: question mark made with neon lights

1. What types of logos are there? (And how to choose)

Wordmark logos are a good choice to help people remember the name of your company. These are either a freestanding word or an abbreviation for your company name. For example think of the logos for Google, Amazon, and Disney.

Letterform logos are a single letter, like McDonald’s golden arches.

Then there are pictorial logos. They are an illustrated symbol of something recognizable. Think Apple, Twitter, or The Olympic Rings.

There are also abstract logos like Chase Bank, NBC, and Nike. But these can be harder to pull off.

Deciding on the type of logo for your company depends on your company name and what you do. Wordmark and letterform logos tend to be the most successful since they help people remember company names. This is especially important when you’re starting out.

2. What message do I want the logo to say?

From the color and shape of your logo, people should be able to get an immediate feel for what your company is about.

A great example is Amazon’s logo. The arrow below the company’s name goes from A to Z, showcasing that they carry everything. The arrow also represents a smile, conveying a happy feeling.

3. What colors are the best to use?

Color is one of the most important things about your logo. To set yourself apart, make sure to use a color your competitors don’t. Another thing to keep in mind is that different colors trigger different responses. Red is active and intense. Yellow is happy and energetic. Blue is calming.

Your color choice depends on what kind of company you are. Simple logos don’t use more than 1 or 2 colors, and no logo should use more than 3.

4. What fonts do I need to consider?

Fonts can also cause different reactions. If you want to convey seriousness, go with something bold and straightforward. If your business is more about fun, use a more whimsical font. It’s straightforward thinking. Try to imagine taking CNN seriously if their logo’s font looked like Disney’s.


How you present your brand is important. You need to make sure your entire website and blog posts look good. They also need to match the branding your simple logo design creates. As a reminder: Make sure to display your logo in every place connected to your business. Want help designing a fantastic logo? Contact Technology Aloha today!

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