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At Technology Aloha, we’re experts at making your business shine online, and that all starts with targeted, well-written and search engine optimized written content. Our services include copywriting, editing, and content marketing.

Content marketing may be an unfamiliar term, but it’s not a new concept. In fact, it’s been around for ages! Newspapers are a perfect example. The stories in the paper are the content marketing, and the ads and classifieds are the products those stories are attracting prospective buyers for. In the digital marketing realm, content marketing for your business can take many forms — press releases, videos, e-book downloads, infographics, how-to guides, FAQ articles, etc.

Though content marketing is much more than blogging, it all comes down to well-written content that resonates with your audience. Even if you’re a good writer and enjoy it, finding the time to write regularly can be difficult, especially for a small business owner. Just the writing is time-consuming, and when you add in the planning and research, it’s very easy for more pressing business concerns to take precedence.

So you may be asking yourself… Do I really need content marketing? The short answer is almost certainly, “Yes!”


Here’s why…

Showcase Your Expertise

Written content establishes you as an expert in your field and helps you build online credibility with Google and with potential customers. It’s also a great way to be helpful and build good will with those potential customers.

Reach New Customers

Sharing blogs on social media and writing guest posts introduce your business to new potential customers in a way that is very much like a referral. Referrals are much more likely to become a customer than a casual visitor to your website.

Improve Your SEO

Blogs are one of the best and most economical ways to add content to your website. That content will help you show up on search engines when people Google key words and phrases included in your posts.

Content marketing helps attract prospective clients and overall improves the quality of the traffic your site receives. It has the added benefit of making your business website a source of valuable information. This helps your company build trust and rapport and maintain brand loyalty, making visitors more willing to purchase from you in the future.

This all adds up to more traffic for your site and more revenue for your business. And really, isn’t that why you’re here?

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Our online portfolio features lots of our recent client success stories. Check out some of the fun Copywriting & Editing projects we’ve been working on lately to see examples of our work!

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