Social Video

8 Great Social Video Editing Apps

A well-edited video can really make you look like a pro. Here are a few social video editing apps to make your videos stand out.

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Facebook Ads: Helpful Tips and Tricks

Use these Facebook ad tips as you create campaigns that matter to you and your audience. Start boosting your reach and conversions today.

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IGTV and How it Can Help You

IGTV is an awesome way to help your followers connect with you and helps you make a strong impact in the communities you serve.

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5 Ways Video Marketing Will Boost Conversions

Here’s a secret: Video marketing boosts conversions. Add this strategy to your marketing plan for results sure to make you happy.

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Video Marketing Tips: Dos and Don’ts

The popularity of video marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, it has become a marketing tool that no business should overlook. Video marketing has become a necessity in business because of one thing: it works.

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Your Resource List for Social Video Marketing Success

We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you start (or enhance your already existing!) social video marketing — from learning how to create a video, to which platforms to use for maximum visibility and engagement.

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Want to learn more about our Video Editing Services?

At Technology Aloha we provide a variety of video editing services, including creating promotional videos and editing videos for social media. Learn more about how video could benefit your business marketing strategy.