YouTube Video: Maximize Your Video ROI

February 23, 2021

Originally published on June 22nd, 2017. Updated for February 23rd, 2021.

Recently, we’ve been posting tips and tricks for sharing Social Media videos. This article is about the mother of all internet video — YouTube — and why it’s still a relevant part of your marketing plan.

YouTube Video: Maximize Your Video ROI

Almost one-third of all people on the internet use YouTube—that’s over a billion people. These billion people are watching hundreds of millions of hours of video on YouTube every day. And according to the latest stats, these users span a pretty diverse demographic.

Needless to say, YouTube is a great platform to connect with your followers and reach your target market. Here are a few reasons why YouTube fits in great with your marketing plan and can maximize your video ROI:

#1. YouTube is considered the #2 Search Engine in the world.

YouTube is considered the second largest search engine after Google. Think about the way we use YouTube — we go to the homepage and then type in a search for whatever keyword we’re looking for. Maybe it’s “how to make a chocolate bowl” or “chocolate rain.” It’s a very different experience than scrolling through your Facebook feed; on YouTube, we usually actively search for, or share, a video. This means that there’s a huge opportunity to get your video in front of your ideal client. What keywords might they be searching for? What “how-to” video are they looking for? Keep this in mind when strategizing and naming your video for YouTube.

#2. Offer value to your followers with longer, more educational videos.

YouTube is a great place to post longer, more in-depth videos. The default maximum length is 15 minutes, although it’s possible to post videos up to 12 hours long. It’s also a great spot to post “How-To” videos, which are one of the most popular search queries on YouTube. This is a great way to establish authority in your field and offer value to your ideal clients. Or just make a fun video to show off your company or your new product.

#3. Post and share your YouTube video across a variety of platforms.

One of the best things about YouTube video is the ease of sharing across any platform. Once your video is up on YouTube, there’s really no limit to the ways and number of times it can be shared via social media, email, text, or other websites. This can be especially helpful if your followers and ideal clients are active in a variety of different places online. Make one video, post it in several places — this is an efficient option if you’re trying to maximize your video ROI on a limited budget.

#4. Add video to your website without slowing down your site.

Hosting your videos on YouTube is a great way to add video to your website. Once the video is hosted on YouTube, it’s pretty easy to embed that video on your site. And since the video is stored on YouTube rather than your own site, you don’t have to worry about the large video file slowing your site down.


A great YouTube video fits right into your social media marketing plan and is an excellent way to maximize your video ROI. Post your video in one place for infinite sharing and re-posting.

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