Founder + Executive Director

Marketing Strategy, Business Optimization & Web Development

Jillyn is a business process and strategy expert. She has nearly a decade of Fortune 100 experience and has spent the past eight years helping small businesses and nonprofits expand their success. Along with the day-to-day operation of the Technology Aloha business and team, she stays involved with every project we work on.

oh, just some things I wrote

Cross-Site Scripting and What It Means For You

A very large cross-site scripting vulnerability impacted millions of WordPress sites. Professional site maintenance can help you avoid such issues.

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Free Small Business Tools

These free small business tools provide amazing value without a negative impact on your bottom line. Project management, accounting, web conferencing…You get the idea.

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Productive Days Start With These 10 Questions

Great questions to start everyday with. They will help you set the tone for your day help you have more productive days than you ever thought possible!

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CAPTCHA Benefits in WordPress

Spam is not only irritating, it can have a negative impact on your site’s SEO. CAPTCHA is a great anti-spam solution. More on CAPTCHA benefits in WordPress.

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Why Would a Successful Entrepreneur Hire a Coach?

After any successful period, it’s important to take stock, re-evaluate and decide what’s important to focus on next. With every level of success there is another level of success just beyond the horizon that requires thought, decisions and actions that a coach can help you accelerate or think through.

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Efficient & Effective Social Media for Your Business – Part 2

Business social media is an important part of your company’s online identity and should be a key component of your online marketing strategy. Here’s how to get started!

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