What is Google Maps Marketing and how does it work?

June 2, 2020

This post was originally published on October 19th, 2019. Updated for June 2nd, 2020.

Do you know what Google Maps Marketing is? You may know already be using Google Maps to navigate to business lunches and meeting spots on out-of-town trips. But what does bringing Google Maps into your marketing strategy do for your business?

Mobile phone with Google maps displaying directions.

What is Google Maps Marketing?

First, let’s talk about what it is. Google Maps marketing makes you easy to find. Just like Google Maps leads you around unfamiliar places, it leads customers to your door. Listings are usually ranked by proximity or other factors.

Proximity listings function when a user turns on location data. It works in searches like “restaurants near me”. When a user’s location is unavailable, Google uses other factors to determine your rank. Optimization of your Google My Business listing is key when it comes to optimization of your Google Maps marketing.

What is the value?

As with any search app, a top spot in local business results listing gets you noticed. Physically moving your business probably isn’t in your best interest. But other changes improve your rank and move traffic to you instead.

Here are some statistics to consider:

Why does this work? Consumers tend to choose the businesses at the top of the list — the ones already on the screen. The higher up you are, the more clicks you get.

How Do I Make it Work for Me?

No one can out optimize you on proximity searches. Everyone gets a fair shot. But how do you get your business in the top three Google Maps results when location data is not in play? Or when consumers search across country or continent?

To begin, you need a Google My Business listing. In a few simple steps, you can get Google Maps working for your small business. Two keys to landing on Google Map searches are:

— Improving your local SEO

This step includes completing your Google profile. The more information you provide, the better Google can rank you on the right lists.

— Optimizing your Google account

Work to get your first Google My Business verification. Reviews, local citations, and links further improve your rank.

What if I Need Help?

Internet marketing know-how is a must-have in the business world. But not everyone feels comfortable or skilled in making it happen. We get it. It’s why Technology Aloha provides digital marketing integrating strategies, analytics, and above all — heart. We want to see you succeed!

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