Website Call-to-Action Buttons: The Best and Worst Words to Use

August 22, 2019

Once you entice someone to enter your company’s website, the work isn’t over. You’ve got them to come and now you need to make the most of it. Many visitors who come to your site don’t result in conversions. It’s important that you try to capture as many conversions as possible. Not only do you need your website to look good and read well, but you also need to inspire action. Read below to find out the best and worst call-to-action buttons, or words, to use.


Website Call-to-Action Buttons: The Best and Worst Words to Use


To inspire the action you want, you need an effective call-to-action, or CTA, button on your landing page. CTAs also need to be on other pages. Once you’ve got a user’s attention, you need to make it worth their while to interact with you.

Make it personal and free

Use personalized words and phrases. Instead of using “download,” make it personal with something like “send me my free eBook.” This shifts the focus to the customer. Plus, everyone wants something when it’s free.

Sign up

By asking them to “sign up,” you’re offering them a genuine service that they couldn’t get anywhere else. This could be an online course, event or product.


Subscribing doesn’t make someone immediately give up any money. This is common on blogs where the goal is developing a readership.

Learn more

This phrase, like the one above, does not require an immediate money exchange. But it can help convince people to buy later on. By giving more information about the product or service that interests them, you instill confidence in your expertise.

Get started

This is a good CTA to offer a free trial. It also helps to make people think they are taking an important step forward.

Join us

This CTA is good when you manage an online community or have a product based on collaboration between your users. This can include nonprofit and donation driven companies.


Technology Aloha loves to work with businesses and organizations that are committed to making an impact in the communities they serve. And we know your website is key to your conversion rate. When you know the best and worst call to action words to use, you look good and inspire people to interact with you and your company. Want help? Send us a message today!

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