The 3 Pages You Absolutely Need When Building Your Website

December 14, 2021

Unsure of where to start when creating your website? It can be difficult to figure out what content pages you need to have. There are three pages that are the most important on your website and are the first pages you should create. These pages include a home page, a services/products page, and a contact page.

Blueprints representing what pages should a website have

The Home Page: The Base of Your Website

Every website needs a home page, and almost every single website you come across will have one. A home page is like a landing page for your visitors. It is a place where they can decide where they want to navigate to on your website. It gives them an idea of what your website and business are about. Now, you may be wondering what you should include on your homepage. You can include some information about your business. An overview of your business and the services/products you offer is a great start. You can also highlight anything that is special or important about your business.

The Services/Products page: Your Website Livelihood

Without a service or product page, you would be missing out on the biggest aspect of your website. The service/products page is a way for visitors to see what you sell and why they should buy it. Each product or service should have a high-quality image that shows off the item. There should also be a short description of what it is and what it does. Lastly, there should be a CTA button where users can click to easily purchase the item. This would also be a good place to put any reviews your customers may have already given you. You can divide products and services into categories. This makes them easier to find by visitors. Show off the best aspects of your products and services on the page.

The Contact Page: How to Get in Touch

The contact page is very important when it comes to visitors having questions about your business or if they need help. Giving them an email, phone number, and/or address shows you are here for your visitors. You can also share your social media accounts on this page for visitors to follow. Having a contact page also gives your visitors multiple ways to contact you. They can contact you in a method they prefer, which means a better experience for them.

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