8 Web Design Tips That Make You Look Like a Pro

September 14, 2021

Originally published on March 25th, 2019. Updated for September 14th, 2021.

When it comes to designing your website, you might not know where or how to start. But, don’t worry! There are several tips you can use. These web design tips are quick, easy, and will make you look like a pro!

8 Web Design Tips That Make You Look Like a Pro

1. Create a Plan

When developing your website, you need to create a plan. You must walk through the website like you are a first-time client. If you understand how your clients view your site, you can better serve them. What would a client search for on your site? How would a client navigate the site? Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes allows you to provide them with the information they need.

2. Keep Your Website Clean and Simple

You should review your website to ensure that it is easy to read and conveys your message. Large pictures or animated photos can distract the reader from your main message. You need to use simple headers to grab your reader’s attention. Developing your web pages with short sections will also help keep your reader’s attention.

Another great web design tip: When writing your content, make it unique. Write content that answers your clients’ questions and solves their problems.

3. Include Social Media Buttons

If your website currently does not have social media buttons, you need to add them. Social media attracts many potential clients. Allowing website visitors to share your content on social media will help you in the long run. Buttons are a simple and quick way for visitors to share your site with others.

4. Adding Call-to-Action Buttons

A call-to-action button helps guide clients towards steps you want them to take. Call-to-action buttons can lead clients to contact forms or product pages. They bring clients to the next step of the process. Along with a call-to-action button, you will want to include demos, case studies, or consultations.

A good call-to-action will provide your visitors with information that will help them with a particular problem. For example, you can have them watch a video, sign up for a webinar or add a ‘click here’ for more information button.

5. The Importance of Your Homepage

One of the most important web design tips considers your homepage. Your homepage is the first thing visitors see. It needs to provide your visitors with a map of your complete website. The homepage serves as a guide and it needs to be clear so people can quickly access information. If your visitors need to hunt for the information, you will lose them.

You should not worry about the length of the copy on your homepage. The most important thing to remember is having quality content. If the content is easy to read and follow, your users will find the information they need. In turn, they will become repeat website visitors.

6. Coordinating Colors

When you design your website, you need to consider the colors you use. You will need to make sure the colors complement each other. Visually appealing colors are easier on the website visitor’s eyes. If you choose colors that do not work with each other, you will have higher bounce rates.

7. Mobile Responsiveness

In today’s society, everything is on the go. Mobile compatibility is essential. If your site cannot handle usage on mobile devices, you need to consider making the change. Mobile versions allow your users to access your website wherever they are.

Your site should also be optimized for mobile users. Mobile designs are not enough. Websites need to be responsive to users’ needs. For example, make it easy to make purchases via the mobile version of your website.

8. Consistent Formatting

When you are reviewing your website you need to check your formatting. You need to look for inconsistencies in fonts, headers, spacing, and indentations. When everything is consistent, your website will look more professional. The consistency in the formatting will also provide the user with an easier-to-use website.

Using your website to gain users and customers is important. You must make your site easy to use. Take these web design tips and make the best site for you and your customers. Not sure where to start? Need help? Contact us today!

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