How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

April 22, 2019

Setting up a Facebook business page is one of the best things you can do for your business. With 68% of America active on Facebook, you can bet that new and existing customers await your business there. Facebook is a great place to reach a large and specific audience for a low cost. Setting up a page is absolutely free! If you are looking for ways to make more sales and drive traffic to your website, setting up a Facebook page is the way to go. Here are five steps to setting up your Facebook business page:

How to set up a facebook business page

1. Sign up

Go to the Facebook business landing page to start the process of creating your page. You will see a “Create an Ad” button at the top right corner. Choose the drop down button and click “Create a Page.” From there, you will see a couple of options for your business type. If your business doesn’t fit squarely into one category, pick the one that your customers see you as. Once you pick a business type, you will need to fill in your business name, address and page category. Page categories are more specific subcategories within the larger business type that you chose. Before you click “Get Started,” Make sure you have read over Facebook’s terms and conditions.

2. Add pictures

Facebook is no Instagram, but your page will still live or die by your pictures. Poor pictures or none at all promotes distrust in visitors. For your profile picture, choose something that is immediately identifiable with your business. Your profile picture will get cropped to fit inside a circle in some views, so make sure that nothing important is at the edges of the picture. Your logo or a picture of your product is a safe bet for most businesses. The cover photo is the largest photo on your page. Choose a high-resolution photo that is 400×150 pixels. You can upload both of your choices to your page by clicking “Upload Profile Picture” and “Upload a Cover Photo.”

3. Add a short description

Click “Add a Short Description” and let customers know what your business does. With a maximum of 155 characters, you need to keep it short and sweet. You can add a longer description later. Be sure to click “Save” when you finish.

4. Create a username

You may have heard the terms “username” and “vanity URL” used interchangeably. They mean the same thing, and refer to the name your page goes by. Click “Create a Username for Your Page” to type in your vanity URL. Then, click “Create Username” which will show the links people can use to directly find your page. Click “OK” to continue with the rest of the details for your business page.

5. Fill in the “About” section

Click “About” on the left-hand menu of your page. Start by listing information such as when your customer service reps are available. Add details about your business and contact information. You should also connect to any other social media accounts that you have running already. Add any specific information like price range or a menu if that’s applicable to your business. Click “Edit Story” to put in a longer description of your business. Click “Edit Page Info” at the top right of the screen to add your business hours. Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” when you finish.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money or hire an expensive marketing expert to take your business to the next level. By using Facebook (as well as other social media platforms) as a free tool, you can make your business presence known. With a little elbow grease and some great photos, your business will make a splash on Facebook.


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