How to Drive Engagement on Facebook

September 14, 2017

Are you experiencing lackluster engagement on your Facebook page? Posting to a Facebook audience that doesn’t engage not only feels like you’re speaking to an empty room, but it can also hurt your page’s reach too. Here are some quick tips that help drive engagement on Facebook:

How to Drive Engagement on Facebook

To Drive Engagement on Facebook, DO

Remember to apply the “social” in social media! Like other social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, Facebook is a website where users network and socialize together. Be sure to always reciprocate any engagement by liking and responding to comments, and always respond to messages.

Experiment with Different Media

From shared photos to Facebook Live video, there are so many options to choose from when posting to Facebook. While some types of posts generally perform better than others (plain text, for example, can get up to 84% less engagement on average), it’s best to experiment with a variety of post types. It will make your page more engaging and allows you to see which post types followers engage with the most.

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Ask a Question

Do you post lots of great content, like photos and videos, but only receive likes from your audience in return? Help spur a conversation in the comments section by asking questions in your posts. Some examples include:

  • Choose between 2 things: which season to you like more, autumn or spring?
  • Sound off: which of our products is your favorite?
  • Controversial: what do you think, should this be allowed?
  • Crowdsource: what caption should this photo have?

Include Calls-to-Action

A great way to boost engagement on Facebook is to simply ask for engagement. There are so many ways to do this: include a call-to-action button on your cover photo at the top of your page or at the end of your videos, request a share if users agree with your message, or just say “visit our website to learn more.”

To Drive Engagement on Facebook, DON’T

  • Post too frequently, or inconsistently
  • Focus only on your business
  • Avoid engaging with others
  • Ignore your page analytics (they show what works and what doesn’t)
  • Post poor-quality photos


By applying just a few of these tips, you can drive engagement on Facebook, boost your post reach, and increase awareness of your brand.



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