How Medical SEO works for Your Healthcare Website

February 13, 2020

These days when someone wants to find out information, they do a quick search on the internet. It could be anything from the price of a product to the location of a store. The same goes for anyone looking for information about your healthcare practice.

Take advantage of this. When you’re using the right medical SEO for your healthcare website, you increase your traffic. Increased traffic means attracting new patients.

Medical SEO: Stethoscope on a laptop

How Does SEO Help Draw In Potential Patients?

Did you know over 70% of internet users have searched for health information online? That’s an incredible amount of people you could potentially reach. You want to make your website rank at the top of the list of search results. SEO can help you do that.

Having the right SEO strategy is essential to any successful marketing plan. That’s because 60% of traffic from searches goes to the top few search results. A medical website ranked near the top of the list will have more potential patients.

What is the Difference Between Regular SEO and Local SEO?

There are different types of SEO, so you want to make sure your small practice implements the right one. Let’s take a look at regular, organic SEO and local SEO.


Organic SEO uses search algorithms to match a user’s search to a relevant list of results. Specifically for your small medical practice, there is healthcare SEO. SEO is the process of improving your healthcare site’s ranking with related keywords.


Local SEO uses search algorithms to present relevant results within a certain location. For example, a health clinic in Maui would benefit when using local SEO. They don’t need to find regular patients in New Orleans or Salt Lake City.

How Does SEO Affect Your Healthcare Practice?

SEO can affect your healthcare practice in many positive ways. Used the right way it can help put your website near the top of search results. That gives your healthcare practice better traffic and visibility.

When your healthcare site gets more traffic, you’re reaching more people. Everyone that visits your site is a potential patient, so you can get more patients. And who doesn’t want an increased impact?

A higher ranked site can also help you with your credibility. People are more likely to feel confident in businesses located at the top of a search page.


Want to improve your small healthcare practice’s website but don’t know how? While adding SEO to your website seems difficult, we make it simple.

Technology Aloha provides purpose-driven web design & internet marketing. We work with businesses and organizations committed to making an impact in the communities they serve. Contact us today to learn more.

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