3 Great Website Design Ideas That Are Trending in the New Year

February 18, 2019

It’s a new year and you may want to update your website. How do you know where to start? Here are some great website design ideas trending in 2019.

3 Great Website Design Ideas That Are Trending In The New Year

Flat Design

The first thing visitors notice on your website is the way it looks and feels. Use colors, content, space, and fonts to make visitors feel welcome. If your site is easy to read, your visitors will want to stay and explore. If it is too busy or complicated, they may leave.

Flat design has been trending for several years and will continue to become more popular this year. Flat design uses white space, bright colors, and two-dimensional illustrations. One main concept of flat design is simplicity. Use simple graphics, like shapes on a plain background, that draw attention to your content. Don’t use complicated graphics that distract the reader.

Simplicity doesn’t mean that your website needs to be all primary colors with basic shapes. Try using organic shapes with vibrant colors and overlapping design elements. For example, to highlight a special feature, place a brightly-colored circle with a drop shadow over the edge of a photo.


Micro-interactions are trending in web design. They are actions that provide engaging and more human experiences for users. To provide a better user experience, use micro-interactions.

The “thumbs-up” that appears after liking a Facebook post is a micro-interaction. The “like” icon provides an engaging experience. Another example could be a check-mark that appears after submitting a form on a website. This gives the user confidence. If nothing happens after hitting submit, the user will question if the form went through.

Mobile-First Web Design

Mobile-first web design is crucial for user experience. Today, a lot of traffic comes from mobile devices. Good design increases traffic, so you must focus on thumb-friendly navigation. Be sure users have easy access to all areas of your website.

The way your site looks is important. However, it’s even more important that your site is user-friendly.  Flat design, micro-interactions, and mobile web design are all trending in 2019. Applying these trends to your website will enhance user experience.

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