Why You Need to Create Different Content for Each Social Media Channel

April 26, 2022

We all know there’s many channels where you can post social media content. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. When you’re building a brand, it can seem daunting to create content for every single social platform out there. It seems like it’d be so much easier to create one piece of content and use it for several channels. Is creating different content for each channel key to a strong social media strategy?

Not always. But in most cases, yes!
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Each Channel Has a Different Audience

Users are looking for different experiences from each social media channel. Instagram users are expecting visuals like images and video. Users on Twitter are expecting more text than the users on Snapchat. Your content strategy should focus on engaging your target audience. But it should also cater to their expectations.

It’s also important to recognize that certain groups prefer certain channels. While Snapchat is popular with adults under the age of 30, adults over the age of 65 have no interest in it. Focus your content on the two or three channels your target audience uses most. That will optimize your social media strategy.


Know What Works On Each Channel

Instagram’s grid layout lets you create eye-catching designs on your brand’s page. But posting the images from your grid on Twitter won’t have the same impact. It’s important that you get to know each channel’s layout and functionality. Once you do, you’ll know what types of content gets conversions.

Daily user behavior is also different on one channel versus another. Most Snapchat and Facebook users will visit those channels every day. 1 in 3 Youtube users says they visit the site several times each day. Knowing how users behave on a channel will tell you how to tailor your content and how often to post.


Experiment and See What Works

An effective social media strategy comes from hard data and some ‘trial and error’. Each channel has it’s own features that your content should work with. The best way to figure out the right approach for your brand is to try something and then see what the data shows. Whether the results are positive or negative, keep making adjustments. That’s how you start making great content. If your content strategy on Facebook is getting positive results try to see if they can be even better. If your Twitter audience isn’t into the infographics you posted, figure out why.

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What Type of Content Works on Each Channel

Let’s take a look at what works on some of the more popular channels:


Users want: Curated content and Video content
Posts featuring video perform well on Facebook. Make sure to be aware of the channel’s user-focused algorithm.
Helpful Tip: Optimize your video for Facebook


Users want: Video, High-quality images and Quotes
Visuals are king on Instagram so eye-catching content will perform best. Posts featuring faces or scenery perform well. Also, posts related to ’what’s trending’ are popular.
Helpful Tip: Optimize your images for Instagram


Users want: Job listings, Company Information and ‘How To’ posts
Posts that are text heavy do well on LinkedIn. So, aim for your posts to be around 1900 and 2000 words. LinkedIn is also a great channel for posting ‘How To’ guides or promoting ebooks.
Helpful Tip: In 2021, Wednesday was the best day to post for maximum engagement.


Users want: GIFs and News (and, of course, video).
Tweets with GIFs get a lot more engagement than tweets without them. While users expect to see text, tweets with video get more engagement.
Helpful Tip: Tweets that use power words perform well.

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