Successful Networking Tips for Instagram

September 7, 2017

So, you’ve taken the plunge and started an Instagram page. What next? Here are some successful networking tips for Instagram to get you started.

Successful Networking Tips for Instagram

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a newer social media platform that is gaining huge traction. It is most similar to Twitter, with a heavy reliance on audience engagement and the use of hashtags. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, however, Instagram is a purely photo-sharing site.

5 Networking Tips for Instagram

Before you start networking on Instagram, make sure you have the basics covered: a complete profile, including bio, website links, and a catchy profile photo.

1. Set aside time to engage every day.

Instagram users won’t network with you if you don’t network with them in return. Spend some time each day commenting, liking and following others. Just remember to be sincere; people can tell if engagement seems rushed or generic, and it can backfire.

2. Work with micro-influencers.

While large influencers with tens of thousands of followers often lack the time to network with smaller brands, micro-influencers — people with 1,000–5,000 followers — are generally more open to collaborating on Instagram. Try reaching out once in a while with a collaboration idea, but make sure to engage with their content for a time first.

3. Participate in a challenge.

Influencers in many different niches run challenges for their followers. Participate in a few of them, and be sure to use the challenge hashtags when you post.

4. Don’t forget to hashtag.

Like Twitter, Instagram utilizes hashtags, a very handy tool when it comes to networking. Take the time to research hashtags in your niche, and maybe even create one for yourself.

5. Run your own contest or challenge.

Once you have a solid, engaged Instagram following, boost your network by running a fun contest or challenge! It’s a great way to gain new followers, and connect with influencers as well.


Running a successful Instagram page is all about networking. Use these tips, post great Instagram videos and photos, and watch your new Instagram account flourish.

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