The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags

October 3, 2019

Instagram hashtags may seem quirky, fun, and inconsequential. So it’s tempting to forgo the hassle of figuring out how to best use them. But you need to. These tiny symbols pack the power to rock your Instagram status. Check out the reasons to use hashtags and then use the Instagram hashtag tips below to expand your purpose-driven content reach!

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Adding hashtags to Instagram posts

  • Boosts your influence
  • Grows your audience
  • Makes content easier to find
  • Encourages audience interaction
  • Alerts you to industry trends


But how do you find and choose the best hashtags? What is the right number to use?

List Potential Hashtags

  • Look around different places
  • Check out your competitor
  • Look into industry influencers
  • Research your followers


Hashtags used by the movers-and-shakers in your industry may grow your audience.

Use Instagram Tools

Instagram wants you to use hashtags, and they make it easy. Type a hashtag or topic of interest into the search bar on Instagram. Click the “Tags” option to filter your search. Trending hashtags scroll at your fingertips. If you click one, Instagram gives you even more related hashtags.


Trending hashtags mean more traffic. But they also mean more content to compete against. Look for related hashtags at the top of Instagram pages. They offer ideas for niche tags to address a more specific audience.

Narrow Down Your Options

Broad hashtags attract a broad audience. Plus, common hashtags get your posts flagged as spam if not related to your content. To trade these problems for quality engagement and targeted visitors:

  • Get specific. Use hashtags that relate to the interests of your brand, industry, and audience.
  • Be relevant. Choose hashtags that connect well with the photo you post.


Do your research. Instagram allows you to see the post count and current content of hashtags when you search for them. Find posts like your content and adapt those hashtags.

Test Hashtags

Trending hashtags mean nothing if you get poor results. Test them by using several hashtags with your content. See which ones get the most interaction around your business. Weed out the ones which fail to get the results you want.

Less is More

In general, the 30 hashtags allowed by Instagram proves to be too many. But you cannot know if the principle applies to your business until you test it. Experiment with different numbers of trending and niche hashtags. The results unveil the magic combination for your business.

Want Help?

After reading these Instagram hashtag tips does the thought of hashtags scare you? We can clear that up! Contact Technology Aloha today. We’re committed to helping you be more successful, so you can make more meaningful contributions to your community.

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