How to Set Up a Business Instagram Account

August 1, 2019

Did you know that you can set up an Instagram account specifically for your business? It’s a great way to build your social media presence, give a genuine view of your business to others, and connect with your community. Starting your business Instagram account is simple. Check out how to do it by following the guide below.

How to Set Up a Business Instagram Account

What Instagram can do for my Business

Instagram is a social media app and website that is massively popular. It’s known for the way it blends beautiful pictures with insightful captions. One billion people use Instagram every month. That makes it a fantastic place for people to find out about your business. As with other social media platforms, Instagram can be a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

How do I set up a Business Account?

To set up your business on Instagram, it helps to first have a personal account. Another helpful tool is to also have a Facebook page dedicated to your business. Once those are set up, go to your Instagram profile and tap the button that looks like three stacked horizontal lines. It’s in the upper right-hand corner. From there, tap the button that says “Settings.” It’s at the bottom of the menu that pops up on the right. After that, go to “Account,” and tap “Switch to Business Account.” Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to connect to your business’ Facebook page. Add in details about your business, like your contact information, and tap “Done.”

Don’t worry if you have a personal Instagram, it’s easy to switch between accounts, just go to your profile and click on your username in the top left corner. It will display a list of all Instagram accounts you have linked to your phone and let you switch there.

Why Business Accounts are Better

Together with the right networking plan, a business account can supercharge your social media efforts. Business accounts track important data about who interacts with your accounts. It also gives you tools to interpret that data. Furthermore, a business account allows you to run purpose-driven ads on Instagram. You can target these ads to specific audiences, which can help you get a real bang for your buck. There are other benefits to a business account, like extra features and the ability to post from your desktop.

If you are serious about getting real people to see your product or service, consider starting an Instagram business account. It is easy to set up and has the potential to take your business to the next level. Want help with your Business Instagram account? Technology Aloha can be a seamless extension of your business — like an in-house marketing team without the full-time commitment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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