Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas

Fall 2017 – Fall 2020


Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas is a luxury theater and bistro restaurant on the Big Island of Hawaii. Tony and Maria came to us when the business was still under construction. They needed a custom website that could feature their movies and showtimes, which are updated every week. We designed a custom website for the client which includes movie listings, information about the theater, and menus for their bistro and bar. We also developed a custom integration of their theater software. This displays their movie showtimes and allows customers to purchase their movie tickets online.

In addition to their website, we have also created many graphic design projects for the client. This includes newspaper ads, rack cards, social media ads, and more.

Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas — Bistro Page on Website
Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas — Responsive Website
Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas — Rack Cards
Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas — Facebook Ad Campaigns
Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas — Newspaper Ad
Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas — Instagram Marketing

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The Story

Tony, the owner of Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas, raves about having an all-female marketing team. However, it’s his clear vision and communication that shortens our design cycle. Tony knows what he wants, almost down to a tee, and we execute his vision.

An entrepreneur at heart, Tony moved to Hawaii with a business goal: opening the Big Island’s first luxury cinema complete with recliners, tables, cocktails, and food. It was almost overnight that our relationship with Tony, and his wife Maria, began. In a short email, Tony expressed his need for a website and met with Jillyn immediately.

While the cinema was under construction, we put up a “Coming Soon” page with a place for prospective employees to apply. We incorporated theater software on the website which enabled customers to buy tickets online and timed the site launch to coincide with the cinema’s grand opening. Now, we go into the Waikoloa Luxury Cinema website at least twice a week to update movie listings and keep menus up-to-date. Here and there, we do miscellaneous graphic design projects and other updates per Tony’s request.

We also handled the theater’s social media launch with Facebook and Instagram accounts account setup and posting.

Hana and the Technology Aloha team handle our print advertising as well as our website as they need to be coordinated and updated weekly… their dedicated and ongoing marketing support has been invaluable.

Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas

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