Automotive Fresh Start Center

Fall 2016 – Present


Automotive Fresh Start Center provides a service assisting people going through bankruptcy to get a new car. When the client came to Technology Aloha, they were already an established business with a website, but were in need of a more custom solution to fit their needs. We developed a custom website for them which provides information and educational resources to prospective clients and partner attorneys.

One of the special features of this website is the integration of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management software). This allows them to organize and streamline the process of converting new leads and taking them through the steps of the client process. Other services we’ve provided for this client include graphic design work, email newsletter design and support, blogging, and consulting on the strategic development and growth of their business.

Automotive Fresh Start Center — Process Page on Website
Automotive Fresh Start Center — Responsive Website
Automotive Fresh Start Center — Facebook Marketing
Automotive Fresh Start Center — Email Marketing

The Story

Automotive Fresh Start Center gives people who’ve gone through bankruptcy a chance to lease or buy a new car. David Roberts caters to a very vulnerable cross-section of the population, and he does it in such a respectable and considerate manner. It’s a very necessary service for those who hit a low point, and we’re happy to support David’s mission.

David approached Jillyn after receiving a recommendation, wanting to update his “old” website. It had only been live for a few months, but the page was simply a large image and an application form. David needed something… better. In 2016, we ditched that site and began looking at what David needed for his business.

Within two weeks, we built the website to include an interactive process page, an online application, a vehicle inventory, a blog, and more. Our goal was to supplement David’s mission to make the client process of buying a new car as seamless and painless as possible. We also created another website just for attorneys partnering with Automotive Fresh Start Center, and we continue to improve and expand the services offered on both sites.

We’ve become David’s trusted marketing team — we plan a business strategy together. It’s with great communication and collaboration that we’ve been able to grow David’s website and business to include helpful resources for his clients and partners. Our work is far from done, we’re happy to say.

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