Survey Information Analytics

Spring 2020 – Winter 2024


Survey Information Analytics is a research firm that helps government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and healthcare businesses. Community Needs Assessment, Program Evaluation, and Employee Satisfaction Surveys are a few of the services it offers.

The client came to us without a website. She needed one that would display the level of professionalism she does. The site needed to highlight herself and her team members. She also needed the site to display information for prospective clients.  The client had content written that she wanted to be featured on the website. It was our job to use the content and help fill out the remaining sections of the website structure.

After seeing her ideas and needs for the website, we came up with a plan. We created a custom blog template and a custom service page template. The service template allowed for the client to be able to add more services to her website in an efficient and easy manner. It also allowed for all the services to be uniform and were specially grouped for users. The blog template helped the client easily add her blog posts to her website. She can also continue to add them in the future. We also helped the client organize the website from an SEO and user perspective. The content was structured for the point of view of her clients. 

The website features four different pages that includes the Home page, About Page, Services Page, Blog Page, and Contact Page. Each page features information unique to the client. We continue to offer the client ongoing maintenance and website hosting. Additionally, we helped the client set up her business social media accounts. 

Nonprofit services of Survey Information Analytics
Preview of Survey Information Analytics Website
Preview of Survey Information Analytics Blog

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