Kona Mask Co.

Spring 2020 – Present


Kona Mask Co. is a local mask company that has a mission of saving lives through the use of face masks. Founded at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kona Mask Co. strives to provide masks to local Hawaii residents in an extreme time of need. It also had the mission of supplying jobs to residents that lost their employment due to the pandemic.

An online presence to sell the masks was needed as soon as possible. Kona Mask Co. needed a customized website that was easy to navigate. We were given complete control in the design process of the website once we were given a sense of Kona Mask Co.’s brand. This was a special case that we felt was important, and we created the website within ten days. Kona Mask Co. is both a B2B and B2C company. We had to make sure this was evident through its website. We created a custom store on the website that was easy for users to navigate through. The store features product information and a PayPal checkout option. Through these features, we were able to bring the client’s vision to life as quickly as possible. We also provided training for the client to allow them to easily add new products to the site as they expanded their production capabilities.

We continue to provide ongoing support for Kona Mask Co. With the need for masks ongoing, we are happy to have Kona Mask Co. as a client because of its amazing mission and its impact on the community.

Preview of Kona Mask Co.'s online store
Image of the website of Kona Mask Co. in a phone screen and laptop screen.
Preview of "About" section of website for Kona Mask Co.

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