Step Up

Fall 2020 – Spring 2022


Step Up is a nonprofit organization that provides permanent housing services to individuals experiencing chronic homelessness and serious mental health conditions. It has locations throughout California, as well as in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. Step Up also offers rehabilitation services, education, training, and mental health and wellness services.

The client first came to us because they had a website that was difficult to navigate and did not have a good structure. The organization was growing quickly and needed help fast. Their site was not a good representation of the brand, and there was no good landing page for traffic from their Google Ads. Some information was hard to find, or not seen at all by users on the website. Our process of redesigning their site included talking with the client to get a better understanding of who they are. We talked with them about the organization’s history, what it was currently doing, and how it was planning on expanding in the future.

Once we got a strong foundation of information from the client, we began the redesign process. We started by establishing standardized processes and templates for the website. This would help the site support the fast expansion that the organization anticipated. The redesign also allowed for the site to better communicate what the organization does, who they are, and whom it serves. The client also did a rebranding at this time, with new colors and icons, which we implemented on the new site.

By collaborating with the client’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) team during the redesign, we helped to ensure that they were able to effectively use their Google Ad Grant to increase national awareness. The Google Grant also helped with Step Up’s visibility and donorship.

To see if your nonprofit organization may be a good fit for a Google Ad Grant, check out our podcast transcript of How Using Google Grants Helps Your Nonprofit Reach New Heights.


Preview of Step Up Blog on Website
Step Up Responsive Website Design
Preview of Step Up's website

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