How to Make Your Nonprofit Shine Through Social Media

December 28, 2021

For nonprofit organizations, marketing is the key to acquiring donations and getting your message out to the world. And it’s no different with social media marketing. It’s important to create nonprofit social media posts that are authentic and engaging. It’s about connecting with people and making them feel like they’re a part of the organization.

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Create Social Media Goals

Creating goals for your social media is a great way to better your social media presence. Create goals that are in line with your nonprofit organization. If you are wanting to expand your volunteers, create a goal of furthering your reach on social media. If you want more donations from your current audience, create a goal to expand audience engagement. The key is to create goals online that translate into your goals for your nonprofit. Followers, likes, and interactions are all important. But creating goals that are deeper than that is more important.

Conduct a Social Media Audit

Conduct a social media audit to gather data about how well your accounts have performed in the past. Look at old content, and whether you received a lot of interactions from your audience. If you received more likes and comments than usual, it is good to make a note of the type of content you posted. See if your account is performing better than how it was in the past. If it isn’t it may be time to readjust your social media strategy. Take note of any patterns you find as well. It is important to go as deep into your social media as possible. If you want to know more about what interests your audience, conduct a poll. Polls can be easily created through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram stories. You can also create a poll for an actual post by having people respond in the comments!

Time for a Content Plan!

After you have some insights from your social media audit, it is time for a content plan. Take inspiration from your content that did well, and create new content ideas. Create a content calendar where you can input all your ideas. Decide how many times you want to post per week to keep your audience engaged. Don’t forget the hashtags! Create content ideas for an entire month, that way you’re prepared for the future. You can also continuously add to your ideas as you come up with new ones. Having a calendar will allow you to balance your content, so you aren’t posting too much of the same thing. You will also be able to see an overview of all your social media content!

Keep an Eye Out for Trends

Social media is constantly changing, and new trends emerge. It is important to stay up to date with these trends, so you can continue to appeal to your audience. Do some research online, or check out what other companies in your industry are doing. Draw inspiration (but don’t copy!) from the research you find. Put that inspiration into your own posts and content.

We at Technology Aloha love helping nonprofits! We’re passionate about helping you be more successful, so you can make more meaningful contributions to your community. Contact us today for help with your nonprofit social media and all internet marketing needs.

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