Considering advertising on social media? Learn the basics today

December 12, 2019

Advertising on social media is a huge area you must include in your marketing efforts. There are a variety of ways to reach people through social media. As a company, you need to get your brand out there as much as possible. This begins with understanding the different options available.

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How to choose what platforms to advertise on

Know your audience

Before you choose your package options, you need to understand current social media trends and your audience. When you do this you learn which social media outlets they like the best. Start with the most popular ones among your target market. Then —


You don’t want to put all your marketing efforts onto one social media outlet. It’s important to know which sites are the best for your audience. But you still need to make sure to reach out through more than one.

Types of ads you can use on different platforms


Facebook appeals to many different people of many different age groups. It also offers many ways to reach out. I.e. through photos, videos, stories or other ads. You can choose how you want your ads promoted, how much you want to spend per day and be very specific in who your ads reach.


Millennials and some Generation X are the most interested in Instagram. Since Facebook owns Instagram, it offers similar options.


About 2/3 of the people advertisements reach on Twitter are male. There are two different ways to create Twitter ads. Twitter Promote and Twitter Ads campaigns. Promote does what it says. It automatically promotes Tweets for you. With Twitter Ads, you set up your campaigns yourself.


Nearly 3/4 of 18-24-year-olds use Snapchat. Plus about 60% of those you can reach are female. Your ads start with a video or an image up to 10 seconds long. You can also use story ads or collection ads.


LinkedIn is more career-focused and professional than other sites. You can choose from different ad types. These include sponsored content, sponsored InMail and text ads. LinkedIn is also using hashtags: but don’t use too many per post, and use professional ones.


Pinterest has many more female users than male. They call their ads Promoted Pins. Paying for Promoted Pins makes your pin appear more often over regular pins.


YouTube has more male than female users and the audience is well spread out among age groups. You can choose from TrueView ads, non-skippable ads and bumper ads.


Your social media marketing strategy begins with knowing your target audience. Work with your marketing partner to find which social media outlets are best for you. Where and how you choose to advertise on social media impacts the success of your business.

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