Before You Search for the Best Free Website Builder Learn About these 5 Pitfalls when Building a Free Website

March 10, 2020

Sometimes it feels like a lot of trouble to get your own website up and running. There are a lot of features you need to keep in mind. Features like design, navigation menu, blog, and even paying for a domain. These things often lead people to consider getting a free website. Yet going with a free website builder is the last thing you want for your business.

Using a free website builder with a free website template seems tempting. But these sites do not benefit you as much as a paid domain would. They advertise as free and easy to use, but they come with a host of disadvantages. So before you search for the best free website builder out there, learn about these five pitfalls.

Best Free Website: $1 bill trapped in a bid cage.

1. Unprofessional Domain Name

Consider how you might feel coming to For potential customers to take you seriously, you need a personalized website address. A personalized address doesn’t just look and sound better – it has its benefits too.

You want to gain the trust of potential customers who visit your website. One of the first things visitors will notice besides the landing page is your website URL. A site with a customized domain name shows people your business is professional. And in turn, customers are more inclined to trust your company.

2. No Ownership or Control

When you set up a site with the best free website builder you can find, you would think the site belongs to you. But that’s not the case at all! The website you create belongs to the company you built your site on. If it doesn’t belong to you then you don’t have complete control. That can lead to a lot of problems in the future.

  • If you choose to leave, you may not easily move your site
  • May not own your domain name
  • You can’t use features you need
  • Your site can get shut-down at any time and you may not be able to retrieve data
  • Other companies can buy your information, depending on where you built your site
  • No regular backups for your data
  • Difficult to remove or delete your website
  • Banners or pop-up advertisements that you can’t choose

3. Slow Website

Free website hosting providers may put a lot of different sites onto one server. This can result in a very slow website. Potential customers who have to wait for pages to load makes for bad user experience. This can also lead to people leaving your site to a competitor’s simply because it’s faster than yours.

4. Limited Amount of Storage

You will get a certain amount of storage from companies that offer free websites, but it’s limited. And you have to pay to get more space after you have reached full capacity. Having a limited amount of storage on your website is bad when you’re trying to grow your business.

5. Not Good for Your SEO

Free website builders are not good for SEO for many reasons. For example, you cannot set up redirects on the site which helps maintain SEO scores. Malware distribution and slow loading time can also affect your site’s SEO. Plus, search engines usually give paid domain names higher rankings.


Your business is important, so you want a website that will help it grow. And that website isn’t with the best free website builder you can find. At first, you could save on a free website, but it could cost you a lot in the end.

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