Lexie Lu

Guest Blogger from Design Roast

Lexie is a digital nomad and graphic designer. When she's not traveling to various parts of the country, you can find her at the local flea markets or hiking with her goldendoodle. Check out her design blog, Design Roast, and connect with her on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

oh, just some things I wrote

The Top Converting Web Design Trends Your Site Should Invest In

Not all web design trends stick around. Some aren’t worth the investment because they don’t result in conversions. Here are 6 worth trying.

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How to Build Your Brand on Your Site

Your website is a powerful tool in building your brand identity. If you can keep it updated and use it to provide great customer experiences, it will be one of the best public ambassadors your brand can have.

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9 Reasons Customer Personalization Wins Every Time

Customer personalization gives you an edge over your competitors. Good personalization provides an opportunity to connect on a deeper level.

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9 Business Branding Opportunities to Consider in 2020

Now is the time to take advantage of business branding opportunities. Here are 9 branding ideas for improving your image during challenging times.

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