9 Reasons Customer Personalization Wins Every Time

June 25, 2020

Why do customers respond to personalized communication? The critical element is the more relevant experience individualized encounters provide. As people become aware of the pros of personalization, they demand better customer experience (CX).

Customer Personalization wins every time. Hands holding up a trophy back lit by the sun.

In a recent report, around 81% of marketers said they expect to compete on CX. Understanding your clients and their needs is vital to winning site visitors.

There are many advantages to customer personalization. Here are nine ways to impress leads, all achieved within WordPress. At times, you may need to customize CSS through the dashboard.

1. Revamp Your Brand Image

The way you see your brand and the way others do may be two different things. Assess who you are and the message you want out there. Then, survey your current customers to discover how they see you. Do the two images match? If not, you’ll need to establish a better brand identity with your typical buyer. Create a standard visual experience across different platforms for consistency. Choose your messaging and stick to it. WordPress makes this easy through your site’s taglines and headers.

2. Learn Their Preferences

Smart businesses dig into the backend data and figure out the details of their customers. But, there are a lot of personal desires impossible to learn from primary data. Take users through options to figure out individual styles and needs. Install plugins such as MonsterInsights or ExactMetrics.

Quality Overhead Doors takes users through some options to figure out their preferences. It asks what type of door you like, as well as the style, color, and window placement. As the buyer goes through the choices, they can funnel them to results based on their likes and dislikes. The more the person interacts with the website, the more specific the options are to them.

Screenshot of quality overhead doors website.

3. Solve Problems

Each of your customers has a pain point. The problem they face is what drives them to search for a business such as yours in the first place. If you’ve done your homework and developed buyer personas, you should have a good idea of their issues. Offer your customers personalized solutions to those pain points, and they’ll be more likely to buy.

You can use features such as WP A.I Assistant, which asks questions and shows visitors something close to what they’re looking for. The plugin works well for e-commerce sites.

4. Keep Them Engaged

Customer retention plays a big part in your success as a business. Ideally, you’ll keep current clients while adding new ones. Those who already buy from you are more likely to make another purchase and spend more than new visitors. Great customer experience is your first step to higher retention rates. Customer personalization shows you care about your current customers and know who they are.

CVS Pharmacy uses intense customer personalization. When you first visit the page, it invites you to save preferences for future shopping. You can do the same for delivery choices. As you interact with the online system, it gives you a wishlist and sends you targeted offers and coupons.

Screenshot of CVS Pharmacy website

5. Avoid Unwanted Purchases

Customers grow frustrated if they buy things that are not quite what they need. Segment your audience and give them exactly what they’re looking for. You’ll reduce returns and consumer worry. They are more likely to share their positive experience with others. Customers may also leave a five-star review for the product or your brand. Allow them to do this by adding the WP Customer Reviews plugin. Another option is embedding Google reviews in your sidebar widget.

6. Embrace Their Favorite Causes

Think about what you stand for as a brand. If your mission ties into a charity or cause, then figure out how to change the world, one person, at a time. A 2020 study indicated 73% of consumers wanted brands to contribute to a better local area. Even if it isn’t their favorite cause, people enjoy feeling as though they’re making a change.

BetterWorldBooks gives part of its profits to literacy. It isn’t clear if it uses a buy-one-give-one model like Bombas socks or TOMS shoes. It says it donates a book with every sale. Note how it highlights the things it’s doing for literacy. The cause ties to its products.

Screenshot of BetterWorldBooks website.

7. Stop Customer Frustration

Unhappy customers are much more likely to blast their anger to people they know and on social media. A customer-first approach deals with concerns and reduces the likelihood of a poor image.

The easiest way to ensure a fast response to complaints is by offering several ways to contact you. Train your customer service reps to solve the problem and with creative solutions. Instead of a poor review, the person may tell others how fast you were to respond and how you solved their issue.

8. Develop Customer Loyalty

A great CX leads to improved brand loyalty. Customers are more likely to stick with your company for repeat purchases. Statista reports total retail sales of $5.99 trillion by 2023 in the United States. Consumers have more choices than ever before about where to spend their money. Creating fabulous CX shows them you are the brand best able to meet their needs. Add-ons such as WooCommerce can add points and rewards to cultivate customer relationships.

9. Reach Younger Consumers

In a report by SmartHQ, researchers found 70% of millennials grow frustrated with emails not aimed at their needs. By using a combination of plugins and email services, you can target them based on past purchases. The system knows what the person likes, so new messages relate to each user and their interests. You can also reach out on their birthday or other special occasions.

Gain an Edge

Customer personalization gives you an edge over your competitors. You have information on your customers they don’t have. Using the data provides an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Customize promos to your leads to increase conversions and develop loyalty.

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