Attracting Millennial Donors: How Nonprofits Can Survive the Ghosting Phenomenon

June 7, 2022

Ghosting has become the new normal for the millennial generation. These digital natives have learned that you can be anonymous in online communities. Ghosting is a way to cut ties with a person without having to engage in an awkward conversation. And today, nonprofits everywhere are experiencing this ghosting tactic from their younger donors.

Well, it’s time that the third sector combats the ghosting phenomenon!

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Why are Millennials a Target Demographic?

Millennials represent a significant market for nonprofits. In 2019, they became the largest generation in the country. In three years, they’ll make up 75% of our country’s workforce. So, they’re the key demographic nonprofits need to be targeting now to stay relevant.

Millennials are often overlooked as potential donors. Yet, studies have shown they’re actually more likely to donate than previous generations. While some label them “selfish”, research shows that millennials are motivated to give. In 2014, 84% of millennials reported donating to charities, for instance. And in 2018, they were the most charitable age group.

Keep it Simple

A complicated donation form can prevent your supporters from pitching in. Believe it or not, your form’s ease of use is one of the biggest factors in getting them to give. When you give your supporters a positive donating experience they’ll donate again. With a streamlined donation process, you’ll encourage more people to donate to your cause. Here are three tips to streamline your donation process.

1. Your form should only ask for important donor information. No one wants to spend time filling out irrelevant boxes on a form.

2. Make your donation form easy to find on your website. This is key to attracting supporters to your call-to-action.

3. Make your form quick to fill out by limiting the number of required fields. You can improve your donor’s experience by getting rid of unnecessary steps.

Keeping your donation form straightforward will allow your donors to continue supporting you. A great solution to making your donation process easy is using a virtual donation drive. Online fundraising is a smart way to make your donor experience quick and easy.

Want to learn more about how our Virtual Donation Drive tool can help your nonprofit?

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Where to Reach Millennial Donors

There’s no question that the internet today has changed the way we view fundraising. Nonprofits are now able to show their impact up close and personal on social media.

Millennials are the group that’s most influenced by what they see and hear on social networks. To reach them, nonprofits need to take advantage of social media. Social platforms help connect to this group through a channel they’re used to. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are all examples of popular online communities. Also, posting content on social media will give your organization a face. As a result, you’ll have increased donor trust.
As the largest group of consumers, millennials are the key donors the third sector needs to reach. Nonprofits can attract this generation by being on social media and making it easy to donate.

In a digital world that makes it all too easy to ghost someone, don’t let your nonprofit succumb to this tactic. Start attracting millennial donors today!

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Want to learn more about how our Virtual Donation Drive tool can help your nonprofit?

We’re passionate about helping great organizations strengthen their online presence so they can expand their impact. Learn more about how we can help your nonprofit succeed.

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