Answering the All-Important Question: Is Wix Really Free?

April 9, 2020

Getting your website off the ground is important for the success of your business. But you must take care when choosing the right web designer or web builder.

Is Wix Really Free?: Broken computer code with money falling around it.

There are many options out there when it comes to designing your website. It might feel hard to figure out what to use. There are certain things your website needs to have. But you also need to consider your budget. So, “is Wix really free?”

Costs of Using a “Free” Wix Website

Forced Ads

Even the basic plan, that costs about five dollars, forces you to have ads on your website. These are Wix-based ads you have no control over. When you’re running a business, advertisements you can’t control is a problem. You don’t want to have ads other than your own on your website. To get rid of these ads, you would have to move to a higher plan and pay more per month.

No option for unlimited plans

There are no unlimited plans to choose from with Wix, free or paid. This is bad for a business website. This could lead to problems with bandwidth and storage.

Less SEO Power

As a business, effective SEO strategies are a must for driving traffic to your website. The techniques offered by Wix’s SEO wizard are behind the times. Old tech puts you at a severe disadvantage. To make money, people need to find you. If Wix doesn’t help you bring people to your website, it costs you money in potential sales.

Moving Too Fast

While the ease of building a website through Wix might seem like a good thing, it’s not. You can jump in and publish a website incredibly fast. But with a website, you need to take your time to make it the best it can be instead. You need to factor in marketing strategies, content, performance, and other details. And you must do this before publishing a website. You want your website to work for you and drive sales. There are no shortcuts when you build a high-quality website.

Frustrating for Customers

Think about all pros and especially the cons if you’re considering Wix. You can build a website without knowing how it works. But building without experience is what costs you the most. People may not be able to find or navigate your website. Or it may not function.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

By asking, “is Wix really free?” you know that some things are too good to be true. Wix websites may be free to set up, but free will always cost you in the end.

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