7 Advertising Strategies You Need to Add to Your Marketing Plan

January 2, 2020

Does your business or nonprofit pursue a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants marketing strategy? If so, you need to find your focus. A targeted marketing plan centers your efforts, saves resources, and boosts brand awareness.

A smart marketing plan includes smart advertising strategies. Organic reach may fall short of the results you want. Paying for ads boosts your return. Digital and print media offer low-cost solutions that fit your small business. Here are 7 advertising strategies you need for your business.

Advertising Strategies: dictionary focusing on the word: advertise

1. Know Your Target

Attracting customers means putting relevant content in front of interested consumers. Study your target audience and create a campaign that speaks to them. Place it where they hang out, either physically or digitally.

2. Segment Your Audience

Breaking your audience into segments concentrates your message. Consider demographics or geography to target an ad campaign. Segmentation increases the return on investment. You’ll send the right ad to the right people at the right time with good segmentation.

3. Express Your Message

A consistent message across advertising platforms builds your brand. It gets your point across. Creatively use humor, images, drama, video and more to tap into consumer emotions.

4. Watch Your Timing

Notice when your product runs hot with consumers. Advertise in the seasons that perform best. Place social media adds at peak times of the day. Match or outmaneuver competitor promotions.

5. Boost Your Brand

Consumers like the familiar. Building your brand means they know the look and feel of your advertising. Keep the colors, fonts, and language of your brand consistent to grow loyalty.

6. Stick to Your Budget

Advertising costs grow fast and furious. But you don’t need a large budget to be effective. Stick with low-cost solutions, like social media advertising. Spend where you make the most impact.

7. Track Your Strategy

Gathering stats on your advertising efforts has never been easier or faster. Test, experiment, and measure the impact of your ads. Then adjust. No need to guess.

A Marketing Plan That Succeeds

Creating a solid marketing plan requires the intentional use of your advertising dollars. Determine a budget. Don’t rely on leftover funds. Make the most of your budget with smart advertising. Target your audience, build brand awareness, and track your results.

If your marketing plan fails to draw the attention you want, or you want help starting one, contact Technology Aloha today. We love serving heart-centered brands and organizations nationwide with purpose-driven web design & internet marketing.

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