4 Things You Need to Include on Your Product Pages

April 19, 2022

Your product page can make or break your business. A well-optimized product page can make your conversions skyrocket. But, when poorly optimized, your most important marketing goals will be impossible to reach. There are four areas you need to include to create a product page that’s set up for success.
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1. Featured Image

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The most important element of your product page is your feature image. Your image is what gets your visitors excited to learn more about your product. But, if you’ve compromised on image quality, it can turn your visitors away. This is why you should use high-quality images that give customers a strong first impression.

Pro tip: You can let customers add their own pictures of your product in the review section. This will show visitors what your product looks like in real life, without the glitz of professional photo editing.


2. Product Description

Make your product description short and sweet so it’s scannable. If it’s too lengthy or confusing, your visitors will search for a similar product elsewhere. You can always have a longer version further down your page that gives additional information.

Your description should highlight the features and benefits of your product. Customers should be able to grasp not only what your product does, but how it can specifically help them.

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3. Customer Reviews

97% of consumers say reading online reviews impacts their buying decisions. This is why it’s vital to have reviews or ratings on your product page that provide social proof. Customer reviews build trust, which is what increases conversion rates.

Consider these statistics

  • Adding a single review to your webpage can lift your sales by 10%!
  • Over 80% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase
  • 72% of consumers won’t buy a product until they’ve seen reviews for it

Customer reviews aren’t only helpful in boosting conversion rates. They’ve also become a necessary feature of online consumerism. Reviews help us make better decisions. They keep us from wasting money on bad movies and restaurants with poor service. People expect to see reviews they can leverage when making a purchasing decision.


4. Call-To-Action (CTA)

Your CTA plays a key part in the customer journey and is the primary goal of your product page. Make sure you’ve created an intentional and persuasive CTA to turn your browsers into buyers.

A CTA example is the “Add to Cart” button you see on many websites. Without giving your visitors this actionable step, they won’t be able to make a purchase— which is the whole point of your product page! So, make sure your CTA stands out by using a contrasting color to direct your customer’s gaze. A visitor should be able to find your CTA within three seconds of viewing your product page.


Product pages can convert visitors into buyers, or turn them away to a different business. Add these details to your product page to increase customer trust and sales.

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