25 of the Best Small Business Website Design Ideas

July 4, 2019

Websites need to function, but they also need to look good. There are a lot of sources listing great design ideas. Here are 25 of the best small business website design ideas.

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  1. Interesting images can pull readers in and entice them to learn more.
  2. Use original images. Stock photos may be recognizable, which can negatively impact the look of your site.
  3. Concise text gets to the point and relays your message clearly.
  4. Clean typography is easy to read and drives your message home.
  5. A minimalist design can reduce load times.
  6. Use white space to prevent a site from looking busy. This also makes it possible for visitors to zero in on the message.
  7. Use columns to neatly organize information.
  8. Menus are another option to make information accessible without overwhelming the look of the site.
  9. Integrate media to create an engaging experience. Include video, animated gifs or audio files relevant to your small business.
  10. Include a call to action to tell visitors what you want them to do. These buttons can lead to a newsletter sign-up or enable visitors to request more information.
  11. Use colors to create visual interest and direct attention. For instance, make call-to-action buttons a different color, so they stand out.
  12. Design for both desktop and mobile applications.
  13. Simplify the mobile design to fit and function on a small screen. This may require removing some features or implementing menus.
  14. Avoid using templates. Other small businesses will very likely use the same template. Help your business stand out by featuring a unique look and layout.
  15. Work with a web designer you trust and whose aesthetic you like.
  16. Include contact information, so visitors can reach out.
  17. Feature an intuitive design, so visitors can easily navigate your site.
  18. Links should be easy to identify, so users can spot them.
  19. Include a search bar, making it possible for users to find what they want.
  20. Maintain consistency with other branded items. Include your logo and match colors used in other marketing efforts.
  21. Make your site personal by including photos and information about team members. This helps introduce customers to the people behind the brand.
  22. Feature testimonials from customers.
  23. Include social media icons, so visitors can stay connected.
  24. Identify trends unique to your industry. Decide if you want to incorporate these trends or create your own.
  25. Find website design inspiration from other sites to better understand what you want.

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