Why Your Nonprofit Needs Millennial Volunteers

April 14, 2022

If you are one of the 1.8 million nonprofits in the US with a need for volunteers, you need to read this.
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The Value of Volunteerism

Imagine a nonprofit unable to raise enough funds, run programs, or serve clients. There’s no doubt this nonprofit wouldn’t be able to achieve its goals, and here’s why: It doesn’t have volunteers.

Volunteers keep your doors open and help bring important programs to society. They might help with fundraising campaigns, customer service, or serve on the board. In the U.S., volunteerism has a value of over $184 billion per year. And this is why there are many nonprofits run by volunteers, in place of paid staff. The nonprofit sector knows all too well that volunteers are their lifeblood. Volunteers help nonprofits save millions each year. This enables the organization to use its money to achieve mission-related goals.


Why Volunteering Gets You Donors

Your supporters who volunteer are TWICE as likely to donate as the ones who don’t. So, don’t make the mistake of overlooking your volunteers as prospects for donations. They’re the most loyal donors because they’re getting their hands dirty to further your mission. They are first-hand witnesses to the change that arises from hard work.

This is why it’s essential to build long-term relationships with your volunteers. And especially young volunteers. One in three millennial donors says they give more to the nonprofits that they volunteer for. Millennial volunteering is vital for getting consistent donations.


Why Millennials Love to Help

Millennials are active participants in the betterment of our society. Volunteering is appealing to them because they’re driven by their belief to be a force for good. Also, it helps that it doesn’t cost any dollars to be a volunteer.

Most millennials are currently dealing with an average student loan debt of over $37,000. As a result, they’re more inclined to give up time than part with money. When they do make a donation, it’s likely associated with an experience, like a fundraising event. This generation of prospects seek out experiences and want social connections. So, how do you get them to volunteer for your nonprofit?


How to Get Millennials to Volunteer

Four out of five nonprofits rely on volunteers but don’t have the knowledge on how to attract them. Yikes. Here are a few pointers to help you attract millennial volunteers.

We know this generation relies on social media for connecting with their community. What this means for nonprofits is that you need to be on digital platforms for millennials to see you.
Tell them what your mission is, and be specific about it. They want to know exactly how their hard work will help make a difference.

Give a personal story about someone affected by the relevant issue. Then, say how your mission was able to help them. This will prove your organization’s perseverance and consistency.

Ask them about what skills they have and then use that information when asking if they’d like to volunteer. This will show them that their specific skills are necessary for making a difference.


This Generation is the Next Big Thing in Volunteerism

Millennials are the future donors and board members of your nonprofit. Their fundraising goes above and beyond monetary contributions.

They make up the largest generation in U.S. history, and they’re also the largest group of regular volunteers. 70% of millennials volunteer, whereas 61% of baby boomers volunteer. They’re out there, and they’re ready to help. Your nonprofit should start taking advantage of millennial volunteers today.

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Want to learn more about how our Virtual Donation Drive tool can help your nonprofit?

We’re passionate about helping great organizations strengthen their online presence so they can expand their impact. Learn more about how we can help your nonprofit succeed.

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