The Power of Instagram: 5 Statistics That Will Shock You

June 24, 2019

Instagram started as a simple photo-sharing social media app. Nowadays, it has become an invaluable platform for merchandise, publicity and even social causes. Having an Instagram account is a great tool for promoting your business and/or yourself to a far wider audience. Here are some statistics that illustrate the power of instagram, how much influence it has on the world, and how users utilize the app.

The Power of Instagram: 5 Statistics That Will Shock You

1. 64% of people ages 18–24 use Instagram

According to Sprout Social, Instagram has user traffic of 1 billion active users a month. Over half of young people use the app regularly. If you want to expand your customer base to Millennials and Generation Z, having an active Instagram profile would be beneficial for spreading your message.

The accessibility of Instagram has caused the number of young people using the app to rise from 59 percent to 64 percent. Fun and easy Instagram contests — such as “caption contests”, “selfie contests” or “hashtag contests” — engage young people in a way that is more relatable.


2. 88% of Instagram users are outside of the United States

It isn’t just Americans who are avid Instagram users. The app is particularly popular in countries such as Russia, Japan, and Brazil. When you open an Instagram account, you open yourself up to the entire world.


3. 71% of all American Businesses use Instagram

Instagram recently beat out Twitter as the best app to promote businesses. Twitter use by businesses has plateaued in recent years, while Instagram has become even more popular. Large corporations, as well as small mom-and-pop stores, are finding great success with planning and promoting their products and services on Instagram .


4. 80% of users follow a business

Instagram makes it easy for users to find and follow their favorite brands. They’ll then see updates on merchandise, sales, and new products and services. Because of the ease that the app provides, users feel a sense of familiarity with the brands and are more loyal and think highly of them.

In the days before social media, brands were only seen on TV commercials, billboards or in sections of the newspaper. Now, users have access to businesses like never before. Hubspot notes that “more than one-third of Instagram users have used their mobile devices to buy something online.”


5. Instagram has 2 million monthly advertisers

You’ve probably seen “Sponsored” posts on your timeline and story lineup. Businesses can also pay to get their images and advertisements seen by the largest audiences possible. By using both organic and sponsored posts, you can ensure you are utilizing the app to the best of its abilities.


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