5 Instagram Contest Ideas to Boost Engagement

May 6, 2019

Everyone knows that if you don’t have your business on social media, you are missing out. The benefits of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are pretty amazing. For example, Instagram is a popular social media platform. But, you don’t immediately gain hundreds of followers as soon as you create an account. There are many challenges in social media marketing. It can be tough to make the transition from brand new on social media to having a healthy, growing following. Here are five Instagram contest ideas to boost engagement and start getting followers.

5 instagram contest ideas to boost engagement

1. Like-to-win contests

It’s best to keep your Instagram contests simple, to begin with. Always make sure your rules are fair and clear. To get you started, you can’t go wrong with a like-to-win contest. Post a photo advertising what the winner will receive and ask contestants to like the photo. After the end date of the contest, randomly choose from the people who liked the photo. Comment with the winner’s handle to congratulate them. There! Your very first Instagram contest is complete. Now, do the same thing again in a few weeks to generate momentum. When people realize that you do contests regularly, they will keep visiting your page.

2. Selfie contest

Wasn’t Instagram created for selfies? Not really, but selfies make up a large part of its content. Since people are already taking selfies, why not ask them to feature your product? Ask people to post a selfie with your product or your logo somewhere unique. You can either choose the best photo yourself or ask others to vote on the best one. If others are voting, you can ask submitters to use a specific hashtag or to submit their photos to you.

3. Hashtag contest

Pick a neat hashtag that applies to your product or business. Ask people to post their photos with that hashtag. You can search the hashtag and choose the best photo to win. This kind of contest increases your reach because your followers are doing the work for you. Everyone that enters the contest is also making your brand known to all of their friends as well.

4. Caption contest

Pick a photo that you want people to come up with a caption for. You may want to edit it so that it is clear just by looking at it that you want a caption. For example, you could add speech bubbles above people’s heads. People love a chance to show off their creativity and humor.

5. Mutual marketing

Work with a few other brands to create a bigger giveaway. Make sure that everyone that enters your contest has to tag all of the brands so that everyone gets the likes for their pages. By working with other businesses, you increase your reach as well. Plus, your own followers will appreciate amazing products from other brands being available to them on your page.

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