Successful Networking Tips for Twitter

August 31, 2017

So, you’ve started your Twitter account, follow some people, and tweet regularly. What’s next? So far, you probably haven’t seen much value in the Twitter platform. Rather than giving up, try out these tried and proven successful networking tips for Twitter.

Successful Networking Tips for Twitter

Perhaps more than most other social media platforms, Twitter is a networking site. Conversations move fast here, driven by trending topics. The key to success is connecting with your audience, influencers and even your competitors.

Connect with the Right People

Successful networking on Twitter is so much more than the number of followers you have. It’s about networking with an engaged, interested and relevant audience. Think quality over quantity.

Create Engaging Content

Your networking efforts on Twitter will be most successful when you offer something valuable to the conversation. Curate and create content that informs and inspires your audience. Ask questions, create polls, and apply other tips from our posts, “How to Engage on Social Media,” and “3 Tips for Posting a Great Twitter Video.”

Retweet Great Content

The phrase, “sharing is caring” absolutely applies to Twitter. Retweets are one of the best things you can do on Twitter to network with others. Retweeting great content gives the original content poster a nod of approval, engages your audience and helps foster a sense of community within your niche.

Research and Use Great Hashtags

The proper use of hashtags in your posts is a powerful way to network with a broad audience outside your immediate following. Take some extra time to research trending hashtags in your industry, and don’t hesitate to use them to your advantage.

Avoid these Common Mistakes:

  • Posting too frequently
  • Posting only your own content
  • Not engaging with others
  • Not following new influencers and others in your industry


By applying just a few of these successful Twitter networking tips, you can realize this social media platform’s true potential.

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