Rocky Mountain Truck Centers

Spring 2021 – Present

Revitalizing a Digital Highway:

A Case Study on Website Revamping and Branding for Rocky Mountain Truck Centers
Rocky Mountain Truck Centers, an established heavy-duty vehicle servicing company, offers mobile roadside repair and fleet maintenance across nine locations spanning Idaho to Wisconsin. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, they are distinguished for their emergency roadside assistance. However, they found their digital presence falling behind, hindered by an outdated and vulnerable website. To address these challenges, they partnered with Technology Aloha for a digital transformation journey.

The Challenge:

Rocky Mountain Truck Centers had an outmoded website that was not maintained properly. The software was antiquated, exposing the website to security threats and performance bugs. While the site had extensive customization, it suffered from maintenance issues that negatively affected its functionality and user experience.

The Process:

Our collaboration with Rocky Mountain Truck Centers started with taking over the maintenance of their old site. By running software updates on a staging copy first, we ensured the live site remained operational with minimal to zero downtime. Once the site was up-to-date and stable, we initiated the redesign process.

In close consultation with the client, we learned about their design preferences and future plans. Our work involved more than just aesthetic enhancements; we restructured the content for better maintainability, and we developed a specialized template for location-specific service pages in cooperation with their SEO team.

Simultaneously, we also designed customized business cards and trifold brochures that reflected their refreshed branding, establishing a unified and modern brand identity.

The Solution:

The outcome was a revitalized website that embodied Rocky Mountain Truck Centers’ vision and catered to their evolving needs. Our team’s efforts were dedicated to not just updating the website’s aesthetics but also improving its performance and security. The customized location-specific service page template became instrumental in enhancing their SEO strategy and facilitating ongoing maintenance and growth.

In addition to website development, we also reinforced their brand image through meticulously designed business cards and trifold brochures that matched their renewed branding.

The Results:

The digital transformation of Rocky Mountain Truck Centers’ online presence brought notable enhancements to their brand image and business operations. The updated website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also more secure, functional, and easy to maintain. It has made a significant contribution to their growth strategy. The new branding assets have further elevated their professional image.

Our journey with Rocky Mountain Truck Centers demonstrates our commitment to providing comprehensive digital solutions that go beyond aesthetic improvement. From maintaining an outdated website to a complete brand makeover, we offered tailored solutions that empowered their business. As they continue to expand and grow, we look forward to offering ongoing support, nurturing a relationship built on mutual success and digital growth.

Services Page for Rocky Mountain Truck Centers
Preview of Rocky Mountain Truck Centers website
Rocky Mountain Truck Centers Business Cards
Rocky Mountain Truck Centers Trifold Brochure

Technology Aloha is simply outstanding. In my many years managing businesses, including a web development company, they stand head and shoulders above all the web companies I’ve done business with. They are delightfully creative, technically excellent, and my SEO/SEM company simply calls them pros. They are also a joy to work with. 5 stars in every respect.

Rocky Mountain Truck Centers

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