Paint Solutions

Summer 2019 – Present


Paint Solutions, LLC provides professional painting services on the Big Island of Hawaii. Before coming to Technology Aloha, the business had almost no online presence and no website. Though word-of-mouth referrals and print marketing materials had been a good start, the client realized that they would need to start developing an online presence in order to scale the business and continue to grow.

Our recommendation for Paint Solutions was to start with a simple website with built-in room to expand. We designed a custom single-page website for the client which includes information about their business and services, testimonials, and a contact form. We also provided copywriting services for the website content, which helped ensure that the text on the site was polished, cohesive, and search-engine optimized.

We also put together a longer-term recommended marketing plan for the client, which includes developing a Google My Business profile, social media presence, and adding a blog to the website.

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