Modern Windows and Doors

Winter 2021

Establishing Modern Windows and Doors:

A Unique Website Design and Brand Application Case Study
Modern Windows and Doors, a newly launched Colorado-based business specializing in high-quality retrofit window and door replacements, partnered with Technology Aloha to build their first website and consult on brand application.

The Challenge:

As a new player in the industry, Modern Windows and Doors had to establish a robust digital presence that not only showcased their high-quality products but also reflected their brand identity. They sought a platform to communicate their value proposition effectively and needed a flexible site structure to accommodate their planned growth and expanding product lines.

The Process:

Our engagement with Modern Windows and Doors began with an in-depth consultation to understand their vision for the website and their short and long-term business goals. Following these discussions, we set out to design a custom website structure that would elegantly showcase their current offerings while maintaining scalability to add new product lines seamlessly as the business grows.

In addition to the structure, we designed custom layouts for their window and door collection, brand pages, and blog templates. A crucial element we incorporated was an inspiration photo gallery, enabling potential customers to envision Modern Windows and Doors’ products in real-world settings.

We also consulted on brand application, ensuring the brand’s identity was coherently and consistently reflected across the website.

The Solution:

The result was a tailor-made, SEO-optimized website that not only showcased Modern Windows and Doors’ high-quality products but also embodied their brand identity. The website was designed to be easily updated and expanded, ensuring it can grow along with the business.

The Results:

Modern Windows and Doors now have a powerful digital platform that aligns with their brand identity, effectively communicates their offerings, and provides a solid foundation for their future growth. The website’s flexibility ensures that as the business expands its product lines, the site can accommodate these changes efficiently.

The Modern Windows and Doors project is a testament to Technology Aloha’s capability to provide robust and scalable website solutions for growing businesses. It highlights our ability to work closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver a product that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.


Modern Windows and Doors — Custom Window Collection Template Page
Modern Windows and Doors — Responsive Web Design
Modern Windows and Doors — Inspiration Gallery Page
Modern Windows and Doors — Custom Blog Layout

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