Amazing Care

Fall 2021– Present

Optimizing for Growth:

A Website Design Case Study for Amazing Care Home Health Services
Amazing Care Home Health Services, a leading provider of home healthcare services across Colorado, Utah, and Texas, sought a digital upgrade in sync with their rapid expansion. With their existing website becoming dated and inefficient for their growing business, they approached Technology Aloha for a website redesign and a solution to seamlessly integrate new location acquisitions.

The Challenge:

Amazing Care needed to update their digital presence to match their growth trajectory. However, the old website was out-of-date and needed restructuring to accommodate expansion. They also required a hands-off approach to assimilate newly acquired locations into their online presence without causing any disruptions to the existing patients.

The Process:

Technology Aloha began with a comprehensive audit of Amazing Care’s existing website to determine what content remained relevant and where additions or restructuring were necessary. With these insights, we designed a custom website that would work effectively with their evolving business. We created a unique template for each location page to ensure consistency and efficiency as they expanded.

The Solution:

One of the unique aspects of this project was the design of a standard site template that replaced the site of any newly acquired location. It combined Amazing Care’s branding with the acquired location’s colors, logo, and information, providing a transition period for current patients to adapt to the new branding. After a year, the new locations were fully integrated into the main site. The entire process was hassle-free for the client; we handled everything once notified of a new location acquisition and its domain.

The Results:

The newly redesigned website, equipped with custom templates for both location and service pages, provided Amazing Care with a digital platform fit for their expanding business. Throughout the redesign, we ensured that all SEO optimizations were carried over to the new site and introduced features to make ongoing SEO work more efficient.
This case study of Amazing Care showcases how Technology Aloha not only provided a fresh, updated website but also devised a hands-off process for seamless integration of new location acquisitions, facilitating their rapid growth.

Ongoing Engagement:

The partnership with Amazing Care extended beyond the website redesign. We continue to ensure the smooth operation of their home healthcare website, making updates, changes, or additions as needed to keep pace with the client’s ongoing growth.

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