Optimizing Video for Social Media

March 30, 2017

Missed last week’s post? Find out how social video can help your business.

Video has become a core feature of social media, which means it fits right into a good marketing strategy.

If you’re new to video on social media, you might be wondering where to start. Here are some quick tips for optimizing video for social media, to help you get up and running with awesome social videos.

Optimizing Video for Social Media

#1. Be attention grabbing, right away.

Social media is overwhelmingly viewed on mobile devices. Studies show that for all the time spent on social media, viewers are on their mobile devices (as opposed to computers or tablets) 63-78% of the time, depending on the demographic. [1]

What this means is that your video is going to mostly be viewed on small screens, and that your viewer may be scrolling quickly through their news feed and easily miss your great video. Make sure your video stands out, and that the first few seconds really grab their attention.

#2. Plan for the possibility of a silent film.

The majority of videos that auto-play on social media will play with the sound muted. For Facebook videos that auto-play, about 85% of viewers never turn the sound on. [2]

This means there is a very good chance that your video will play silently. Make sure your video stands alone without the soundtrack. You might want to incorporate text, captions or subtitles in order to make sure your viewer gets a little more info.

#3. Pick a great thumbnail for your video.

Many platforms will auto-play your video. However, this feature may be disabled by the viewer or just not work on a bad internet connection.

Make sure your video has a great thumbnail that intrigues the viewer and entices them to push play. For example, if you’re showcasing a product, you probably want make to sure you can see the product in the video thumbnail.


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[1] https://www.emarketer.com/Article/Its-Not-Just-Millennials-That-Tap-Mobile-Social/1015091
[2] http://digiday.com/media/silent-world-facebook-video/


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