Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

May 16, 2019

The days of Facebook being strictly a place for friends to communicate with each other are long gone. Now, it is also a prime place for businesses to connect with their customers and market to them. If you are a small business owner and are not using Facebook to reach out to your customer base, you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity. Here are some great Facebook marketing tips for your small business on the platform.

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Create a Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook business page will allow you to promote your business for free. A Facebook business page makes it easy for people to find you. Plus, it makes a great forum for you to connect with your current and potential customers.

Respond to Comments

Responding to comments goes a long way in building relationships with your followers. It shows that what your followers think and say is important to you and your business. Companies who do not respond to comments send the message that they do not care. Keep in mind that it is crucial to respond to both positive and negative comments. Thank people for the praise and let unsatisfied customers know that you will try to rectify any negative situations.

Add a Facebook “Follow” Button to Your Website

Buttons are a great way to encourage those visiting your website to follow you on Facebook. This gives people more opportunities to engage with your business. It allows people to forge a relationship with you and build loyalty to your establishment. It also establishes a fan base that you can reach out to with new offerings and announcements.

Use a Cover Photo That Reinforces Your Brand

When people visit your Facebook page, they will immediately see your cover photo. It is the perfect opportunity to put your best face forward. Your cover photo should make a statement about your brand. It should also be engaging enough to keep people on the page and memorable enough to encourage them to come back.

Add Captions to Your Videos

To take full advantage of being on Facebook, you must include videos on your business page. Facebook users engage more with videos than they do written content. If you want to capture their attention, creating and posting videos is a must. Although videos are extremely popular, many people watch them without sound. To combat this issue, add captions to every video so viewers will know what they are watching and why.

Establish a Community Page

Creating a community page on Facebook will help you build a more natural experience for your customers and other followers. Make your community page exclusive by having it available by invitation only. People will feel special and included when they receive an invitation to your community page.

Use Facebook as a Customer Service Tool

Facebook is the perfect platform for connecting with customers quickly. Using Facebook allows you to give a face to your business and lets you be open with followers. It also helps you shorten response times for comments and complaints. This will make customers more satisfied with their experience. It is also the perfect venue for showing your fans how much you appreciate them and their business. Without Facebook, achieving these goals is more difficult and time-consuming. Using Facebook as a customer service tool can be a true ace in your pocket.

Post Varied, Relevant Content

The content you post is crucial to your success on Facebook. It needs to be both current and relevant to entice people to read or watch your posts. If you do not update your content frequently, people will not continue to return to your Facebook page. When you post something new every few days, you get people coming to your site to see the new content. But the content you create must be relevant to your business. If it is not, people will not see you as an expert in your industry.

Plan Your Posts in Advance

It can be difficult to keep up with posting new content every few days. In fact, unless you have dedicated staff for the job, it can be close to impossible. The perfect solution for staying on top of posting new and relevant content is to plan your posts ahead of time. Use a calendar or some other type of scheduler to plan what you are going to write about and when you are going to post it. You will find that by planning ahead, you will save a lot of stress.

Facebook is no longer a social media site reserved for fun and games. It is also a great business tool. If you need help getting started with using Facebook as a marketing tool for your small business, Technology Aloha can help you. Contact us today to see results tomorrow.

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