Everything You Need to Get Started With Marketing Personas

January 18, 2022

Marketing personas are a great way to categorize your audience. This lets you market more efficiently towards each group. Creating personas is a great way to get to know your audience. Knowing their interests, needs, and personality are important when creating your marketing strategy.
Paper cuts outs of people representing marketing personas.

How to Create Your Personas

Creating personas takes some research effort. Take a deep look into your audience and customers. If you send regular emails to your subscribers, look into them. Certain emailing platforms may give you important information about them. This can include their gender, age, and where they are currently located. An easy way to get this information is to send out a survey. Ask them tailored questions that will help categorize them. This can be what their interests are, what their job is, and more. You don’t want to ask too many personal questions, they may want their privacy.

Once you get the answers back, start grouping similar answers. Create names for categories to put people in. Then, create the persona for each category.


What to Include in Your Personas

When creating your personas, think of it as you’re creating a new person that each person is like. Include age, gender, job title, and interests. These interests can be the person’s general interests. But also include what they are the most interested in of your brand.

Products/services each persona has bought from you are great information to have. It is also a good idea to know what social media channels they like to use. You should also know what their preferred method of communication is.

Give your marketing personas actual names that are short and easy to remember. Put each name and information on a page with bullet points. That way it’s quick to read and easy to remember. You can also do some research to find marketing persona templates that work best for you.


The Benefits

So how can these help you? Marketing personas allow you to tailor your marketing efforts to your audience better. By knowing information about them, you can ensure your content is more relevant. Knowing this information about your audience and customers is important. It allows you to make any necessary changes to your marketing or your brand/tone. Using marketing personas allows you to connect with your audience in a stronger and more meaningful way. This will motivate them to continue to support your business.

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