3 Key SEO Tips for Using WordPress Tags the Right Way

February 28, 2019

If you use WordPress for your blog or website, then you know how many features WordPress offers! One feature that is useful is WordPress tags. They help drive traffic to your content when used the right way.

3 Key SEO Tips for Using Wordpress Tags the Right Way

What are WordPress tags?

WordPress tags are like hashtags in social media. They describe the details of what you incorporate into your post or page. The tags create a way to organize posts based on different bits of information in a non-hierarchical way.

How can I use them?

You can use WordPress tags in many ways. Since readers are able to view tags, they can use them to browse content. When you use a tag, WordPress creates an archive page of all your posts that use that tag. Archive pages help the reader find previous posts that have similar topics.

You can also use widgets to create a display of tags on your sidebar or homepage. From there, readers can click on the tags they find interesting and enjoy your content that way.

Tips for using WordPress tags

1. Research Keywords

To make the most of your tags, you will want to research the keywords you use much like you would any other SEO keywords. This will make your tags more effective at connecting readers to content.

2. Don’t Use Duplicate Tags and Categories

If you have a “content marketing” category, you should not use a “content marketing” tag. Why? If you use duplicate names, Google won’t know which to rank first. From an SEO standpoint, if your tags and categories are the same, they will compete against each other.

3. Limit the Number of Tags

While you have no limits on the number of tags you can use, don’t overdo it. Remember, tags work like a roadmap for people to follow to get to more of your content. They make it easier for readers to find what they want!

Make the most of your website with WordPress tags

WordPress tags help your readers find the content they love and don’t require you to do tons of extra work. Although you don’t have to use them, you should! When used properly, tags will make navigating your WordPress site simple and easy!

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