3 Examples of Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

June 9, 2022

This post was originally published on February 27th, 2020. Updated for June 9th, 2022.

Remember this when it comes to the success of a business: A well thought out and implemented digital marketing campaign is key. Your online presence is important because it’s where others learn more about you. Many people can’t or won’t interact with you without a professional website. Plus, you need other sources to back you up. Social media is a huge piece of your online marketing. It’s a great way to interact with your target audience and get feedback.

To figure out what works in a digital space, take a look at the other companies out there. Success stories can give you valuable insight when planning your strategy. Check out the following digital marketing examples. They can help you find inspiration as you move forward.

Digital Marketing Examples: Napkin with the text "I am the success story" next to a cup of coffee.

1. Cross-Channel marketing by Casper Mattresses

Marketing through a variety of channels is essential if you want to reach more people. Not everyone uses every single platform. Because of this, you need to have a presence on more than one and share the content across every one of them. Also be sure to update the message specifically for that platform.

Casper is a great example of cross-channel marketing. They not only use the basics, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but expand into others as well. They also use IGTV, YouTube, and Spotify to highlight their new Casper Sleep Channel. They play soothing sounds to help you sleep on their mattresses. This helps them generate buzz and cross-promote.


2. Telling a story with emotional triggers by Heineken

To get someone to engage with your brand, it’s important to connect on an emotional level. Telling the story of your customers, donors, or the company itself will help you do this. You could also tell a story different from your brand. You can use politics or stories in the news. Just keep in mind that politics can damage your brand, so be very careful if you go that route.

Heineken is a good example of an interesting approach to storytelling. They used trending political conflicts to bring people together. They paired people with opposing views. Then gave them each a bottle of their beer and encouraged them to talk things over.


3. Leveraging visuals by Square Sayings

Visuals are also important in your online marketing strategy. You need to have high-quality pictures. No matter how much you write about a product, to entice a visitor, you need to show them what your product looks like.

Square Sayings is great at using visuals to sell their products. They fill their Instagram feed with sayings that match their products. The most popular quotes are then turned into products.


Remember: Make it yours

Building your brand awareness and online marketing strategy is essential. Consider the digital marketing examples above. But don’t forget the lessons your competitors can teach you as well. See what works within your own industry. Then you can adjust your digital marketing strategy and reach more people.

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