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Virtual Donation Drive

A Tool for Nonprofits

Our virtual donation drive makes it easy to create engaging relationships with your donors. This software service provides an online fundraising platform that will attract loyal, lasting donors to your site.

Inspired by the evolving needs of our 501(c)(3) clients, our virtual donation drive is the solution for the rapidly expanding third sector, in an increasingly digital world.

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what’s holding back your donors?

We need to face a hard truth: No matter how charitable the mission, it isn’t always enough to inspire your supporters to take action.

The main reason why donors stop giving is that they don’t see the impact of their gift. When they know what their donation accomplishes, it gives them a sense of empowerment.

Our virtual donation drive provides 100% transparency between you and your supporters. You’ll be able to instantly communicate the impact their contribution made.

make your donors care

Let’s be honest, donors don’t care about statistics. They care about real, personal stories. People don’t donate with their heads, they donate with their hearts. Our software service lets you personify your data with impactful stories that will resonate with your donors.

Telling your supporters how their donation made a difference will give them confidence in your organization’s mission. This confidence will fuel their desire to keep giving.

When you inspire your donors to give, you’ll have more funding to achieve your goals.


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Pricing varies depending on service selections and contract length

Virtual Donation Drive for Schools

Virtual Donation Drive for Schools

Virtual Donation Drive for Food Bank

Virtual Donation Drive for Food Banks

Virtual Donation Drive for Animal Shelter

Virtual Donation Drive for Animal Shelters

so, you’re not a tech expert

Staying up to date with the latest technology probably isn’t one of your top priorities.
Let’s face it, you’ve got more important work to do!

But we can’t ignore that we’re living in the digital age, and if you don’t embrace technology, you’ll disappear.

The good news is we can make your donor’s experience as easy as buying a pair of shoes online. With our user-friendly eCommerce format, anyone can donate to your cause with just a few clicks.

Our software provides all the tools you’ll need for a successful fundraising platform. You won’t have to bet on your staff to be tech savvy to reach your fundraising goals.

one easy and affordable step

We make our services affordable so you can continue to do meaningful work that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

With a small setup fee and an affordable monthly cost, your nonprofit will be able to thrive. We’ll make it easy for you to build real and lasting relationships with your donors.

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