Valley Isle Kombucha

Fall 2012 – Fall 2019


Valley Isle Kombucha is a kombucha company in Lahaina, Maui. The owner, Bryan, came to Technology Aloha in 2012 when he was first creating the business and needed a website for his new venture. We designed a custom website which established Valley Isle Kombucha’s online presence and provided information on their products and where to purchase them. After the initial iteration, we redesigned the website in 2016, and again in 2019, to stay current with the company’s updated branding.

Our goal throughout our long relationship with Valley Isle Kombucha has been to help them establish a cohesive branded online presence through their custom website, social media management, and strategic business development and expansion.

The Story

Working with Valley Isle Kombucha is a personal partnership for success. Jillyn, owner of Technology Aloha, and Bryan, owner of Valley Isle Kombucha, were friends before both had their own businesses. In 2012, Bryan came to Jillyn with a logo and a vision. That has turned into a well-branded company and a space that’s entirely cohesive.

Brothers Mark and Bryan work closely together to bring a trifecta of businesses to Maui — Valley Isle Kombucha, Alchemy Maui, and Maui Artisan Sourdough. All housed under the same roof, these businesses have grown popular with locals and visitors alike. Our journey with Valley Isle Kombucha starts from its very beginning.

One could say Valley Isle Kombucha kick-started Technology Aloha six years ago and both have been in lockstep ever since. Prior to both businesses, Jillyn and Bryan worked together at a resort. Jillyn began trading freelance web design services around the same time that Bryan began contemplating turning his passion for kombucha into a business. Intending to make and sell his own kombucha, Bryan went to Jillyn to request a website for his new business. A light bulb lit up in Jillyn’s head and less than a day later, Technology Aloha was created.

Brian already had a logo and a graphic designer in place, so Technology Aloha created a website for his business. Several years later, Bryan and Jillyn worked together to redesign and expand the Valley Isle Kombucha website, add regular blogs to the site, and Technology Aloha began advising him across all social media channels. The website has been re-designed twice as Valley Isle Kombucha has grown, and we now handle Valley Isle Kombucha’s Facebook page and Instagram advertising as well.

I can’t say enough about Technology Aloha. I’ve been working with them for years, and there’s only one word to describe this company… Dependable!

Thank you Technology Aloha!!

Valley Isle Kombucha

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