PureLee Redefined

Summer 2020, Summer 2021 – Fall 2021


PureLee Redefined is a medical aesthetics spa in Colorado Springs, Colorado. PureLee Redefined offers its clients many different services including injectables, body and skin treatments, and infusion services.

The client came to us initially because their old website was not serving their needs. The website was a basic template site provided by a large website supplier company. The client did not have any access to their website. They also struggled with communication and timely updates by the supplier—monthly service specials were not able to be posted in time, which was an issue for the client. The website was also not able to be properly optimized for keywords. The design and SEO of the website were struggling and were not being maintained. The client needed help with a rebuild as soon as possible.

We started the process by rebuilding their website on our platform. We transferred the existing content over to the rebuilt site, working with the client’s SEO company to edit and optimize the text during this process. The website was now operating and meeting the client’s needs.

The success of the rebuilt site made them come back to us within 10 months for a full redesign. The redesign included rebranding, a new vision, and changing the look and feel of the site. We worked with the client to select new images and colors for the site. We also created custom layout templates for the service pages, so that each service had a consistent look. This made it easy for the client to add new services to the site, which is something they do often. We worked seamlessly with their SEO team to keep costs low and make sure the website was optimized.

We are happy our client trusted us with the rebuild of their website as well as the full website redesign soon after.


Services page for PureLee Redefined
Mock up of PureLee Redefined Homepage
Specials Page on PurLee Redefined

Jillyn and Hana are just so easy to work with and both are very detailed. They listened intently to what we asked for and they delivered exactly that if not more! We had worked with several companies before Technology Aloha that had overpromised and under-delivered but the team here is just the opposite. I would highly recommend them to any business that needs a functional, responsive, secure website.

PureLee Redefined

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